Want to find out more about the Northern Slant team? Every week we put 10 questions to our community of contributors – about them, their interests and hopes for Northern Ireland’s future. This week’s interviewee is Vicky Cosstick. You can follow Vicky on Twitter @CosstVictoria.


Tell us about yourself, and why you got involved with Northern Slant.

I’m a writer (among other things) and my current project is to explore the “legacy” of the Troubles (having written a book about the peace walls in 2015).  I’m trying to find different things to say, and different ways to write about it – from the viewpoint of an informed and sympathetic outsider. Northern Slant offers me the perfect platform to do that.


Describe Northern Ireland in 5 words.

Complex. Scenic. Potential. Diverse. Fascinating.


What makes you proud to be from here?

Well I’m not from Belfast – and I’m not “from” anywhere in particular – I was born in Eritrea, my mother was American and my sister was (envy envy) born in New York. My father was British and we arrived in the UK when I was about 5.  I lived in NY in the 70s and have worked and travelled in East Africa a good deal, but I haven’t – yet – made it back to Eritrea. Now I live in Sussex and have a second life in Donegal. I have been travelling to, from and around Ireland North and South for over thirty years. 


Are you hopeful for the future?

Of course.  What is the alternative?


If you could change one thing about Northern Ireland, what would it be?

Everyone would suddenly and magically be able to see the world from the point of view of the “other”, whoever that might be…


Favourite NI celebrity?

Probably Mary Peters – but I’d add Stephen Rea too.


Politician you most admire, from outside Northern Ireland.

It’s hard to think of any politician anywhere who puts the common good above their own or partisan interests – but Angela Merkel, probably. I think the world will miss her when she finally goes.


Favourite place to bring a visitor?

That’s easy – the Belfast peace walls, all 100 of them — 2nd favourite, the Derry walls….


Potato bread or soda bread?

Soda bread.


Snow Patrol or Van Morrison?

Van Morrison.


You can find articles from Vicky here.

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