Northern Slant provides a space for new and seasoned bloggers to begin a conversation on Northern Ireland and share perspectives on the world we live in.

Northern Slant seeks to showcase a new, diverse Northern Ireland. Through current affairs, lifestyle and leisure, this platform welcomes perspectives from bloggers of different backgrounds and with varied interests and experiences, living in Northern Ireland and further afield.

This shared blog is about encouraging positive change in attitudes in Northern Ireland, in our politics, community and young people; it is about breaking a cycle of pessimism. Inclusivity, integrity and considered opinion are at the heart of Northern Slant’s work.



Northern Slant is proud to value integrity and fairness in everything it publishes. It provides a platform for a host of perspectives rather than one single political agenda. The blog is inclusive, welcoming contributors of all backgrounds and opinions from all shades of the political and social spectrum. It will facilitate transparency in feedback and openness through house rules. Northern Slant is unique in promoting excellence whilst encouraging the development of all its contributors, providing a home for new and seasoned writers.